#dosomething #stopAAPIhate szn3

It’s just Jess here - Adri is out of town (covid safe trips ppl) and meanwhile I’m sitting at home thinking about this heavy week. I’ve read a lot of stories this week from my AAPI community members - friends, colleagues & celebrities. My heart has ached, and I’m reminded that I need to do more to support my AAPI community and loved ones.

How are you stopping AAPI hate? How are you using your privilege? Listening to the stories of our brothers and sisters? Standing up, speaking up, making reparations for racism and our equally as harmful micro aggressions? Are you still under the impression that the place you live, the company keep, and the media you consume, is not causing harm?

My friends, I challenge you. Take the time this weekend to sit in the stories the AAPI community is sharing, and mourn for the brokenness of our world. Make tangible commitments to anti-racism work - again and again and again. Amplify our AAPI community’s voices.

I’ll never forget one of my best friends visiting Seattle, going to the Ballard Trader Joes, and telling me after the ways she noticed people avoiding or suspicious of her - due to her racial identity as a AAPI woman. Ballard. Seattle. The neighbor I nobly choose to live in. The “liberal Mecca of the west”.  RACISM. The place you live, the company you keep, the media you watch. It’s not until you live out anti-racism, that you’re doing the work. 

The next 72 hrs, 100% of shop profits are going to @stopaapihate. Buy a scrunch, stop the hate. Oof, and that’s not even the beginning.

Don’t stop there. Don’t even buy a scrunchie - just do something.

Instead just send that money DIRECTLY to @stopaapihate. Check in with your people, and make commitments. Again and again and again.