We’d like to thank the following friends for making our *upcycled* scrunch dreams come true!

First, our amazing friends for believing in our vision, naming us, and supporting our work. We couldn’t make this happen without you!

Our lovely stamps used for packaging are from a social enterprise in San Diego. Ready Stamps is a stamp, print, and laser engraving shop that provides job training and employment to adults with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. Adri’s dad has worked there 30+ yrs as a teacher and manager and we love supporting their work!

Emily Cammack did all that we could imagine for our beautiful logo! after many iterations, we landed on the round design to symbolize both the shape of our scrunches and the cyclical pattern of upcycling. Emily is a talented designer and creative who incorporates the vulnerability of her own experiences into her work. Check out her website and follow @chai.creates for more!

We’d like to thank Alleah Leano for taking our vision of a tattoo scrunché & crafting a beautiful design…for our bodies and our website! Follow her for incredible stick n pokes and other cool things!

David Galindo, director of photography, did an amazing job with most of the photography you see on our website and IG. David is an experienced amateur professional photographer goon and enjoys taking his mountain bike out to the dirt when he’s not shooting scrunchie pics. Follow him!

We love our sweet friend, Kimi Smith, who is killing it with her ono-licious japanese fusion treats! We had the honor of launching our business as a vendor at her catering launch and are forever grateful for her friendship, support, and love. Follow Kimi’s sweets and treats for more of her good good!